The Second Study of PYCEE

Welcome Python Developers! In this study, you will be required to answer three groups of questions about your programming experience with Python and your feedback on our Sublime Text plugins that show customized Python Compiler messages.

In this study, you should work on 3 programming tasks using Python 3 and answer some questions before, during, and after completing them. You should connect to a remote computer via TeamViewer and develop your code in Sublime Text. You should have a microphone to record your voice while working on the tasks for the think-aloud part of our study. You should upload the recorded file to the remote computer. Your activities (screen) on the computer will be recorded. This study will take one hour and 20 minutes to work on the three tasks (20 minutes for each) and answering our questions. The figure above shows the flow of our study.

Your submission will be rejected if you do not have programming experience with Python or your answers in this study and the previous study have inconsistency. Please note there is no obligation to complete the programming tasks correctly, and we do not assess your programming ability

In this study, we will collect your data. We will use your data in our current research. Also, we will store and use your data in our future research. Your anonymized data may be made available to other scholars online at some point. We will maintain the anonymity of your answers by converting your voice to text and excluding your Prolific ID from the data in case we make your data available online. You cannot withdraw your consent or your data.

You are required to test your microphone for now and record your voice during working on the tasks. You should install TeamViewer on your complete and be able to connect to a remote computer to start the tasks. Participation in this study will take one hour and 20 minutes, and we are online on the remote computer now, so you should take part in this study now.

You have answered the first group of our questions. Now, you should open your TeamViewer and connect to our remote computer.

Please check your microphone and record your voice once you connect to our remote desktop.

Our TeamViewer ID is XXXX. After connecting to the computer, please open instructions.pdf on the Desktop.